The Art of Sleeping

Many Americans are experiencing sleep problems, and significant percentage is believed to be taking medication in order to deal with their sleeping problems. Based on previous studies, medicines such as Xanax, Valium, Ambien and Halcen are believed to be contributing factors to dementia when taken for a long term course. Many sleep deprived Americans are having dependencies on aforementioned medicines resulting to drug addiction. It is very unfortunate that things like these are happenings, and most of the dependents are mothers who are trying to combat stress from work and home. However, these can be prevented through natural way.

When having problems sleeping, the surrounding is very important. The house should be in relaxing and comfortable set up. It should be cleaned, freshened up and well ventilated. The situation of the house is definitely a factor why someone experiences difficulty in sleeping. To be able to eliminate this factor, one should always make sure that the house is well maintained and clean. It is really hard to get sleep if the house smells bad and the indoor air is not good. After making sure that the house is cleaned, and then it is time to freshen it up. If it is night time, diffused lavender oil can help you soothe and relax.

It is also important that your bed sheets are comfortable and clean. The smell of clean sheets can actually improve your mood. If your mind is still restless and cannot concentrate to sleeping, you might want to listen to music or read books and not e-books.

Make it habit to be on bed an hour before target sleeping time, and also make it regular.